By car

  • 28 min (32,9 km) via E411
  • 29 min (28,4 km) via N3, RO et E411
  • 32 min (26,8 km) via Rue Belliard et E411

Public transportation: train

The journey superposes with the one used from Zaventem Airport ; a trip from Brussels railway stations is only interesting if you arrived in Belgium by train (or via Charleroi Airport.

Information: (SNCB)
Itinerary : from Brussels Central to Wavre (No direct line ; choice between 2 transfer points: Louvain or Ottignies).
For semi-direct riding via Ottignies     •    stops in the following stations: BXL-Nord, BXL-Schuman, BXL-Luxemburg ;
                                                            •    The journey takes about 55 min.
For semi-directs riding via Brussels Airport     •    stops only in Brussels-North station;  
                                                                         •    The journey takes about 65 min.
Price (indicative): €5.50 (standard ticket, economy class)

Taxis and shuttles

Forget about it!
Taxis do cross the 'border' between regions and therefore, are particularly expensive.