The Laure Mercier  Prize

In June 2019, when I finished my journey at the Music Academy of Wavre, I received a nice surprise : the Laure Mercier Prize.
This prize rewards students who finish their last year at the Wavre Academy by obtaining the mention "Excellent". Worth 200 €, it is awarded by the ASBL "Rencontres Musicales Internationales en Wallonie".

I did all my course at the Academy of Wavre. I started violin at the same time as music theory at the age of 8, I worked eleven years with Jean-Marc Deceuninck.

Two years before the end of my career, I thought very seriously about preparing for the Conservatory. However, I soon realized that it was not for me because I was afraid that the violin would no longer remain a pleasure.

These 11 years (almost 12) within the academy were rich in color, emotions and learning. It took a lot of rigor and work, but the result was present, most of the time. It is true that it has not always been easy to combine the academy with the rest and to give time every day to my violin. ; But the motivation was there and allowed me to be ready for the semester auditions. A week before these, I tried to work twice as much, to be sure of my performance and to be happy with myself.

Regarding the repertoire that I was able to play during my career, I almost remained only in the classical. I really liked it and I didn't feel locked into a single style at all because beyond that, I had the opportunity to expand the possibilities by playing with the academy orchestra, in chamber music, to play duets (especially with Jean-Marc) and even to have had a soloist role at a Christmas concert. I also sometimes had the opportunity to play pieces that I proposed; I rarely played songs that I really didn't like.

I ended up going to university studies in Art History, musicology option, in order to stay somewhat in the field of music. So far I do not regret anything and I am even happy with my choice. I don't regret the Conservatory.

My Academy career is unfortunately coming to an end, but I intend to continue practicing by myself regularly and I will play in several formations: the orchestra of the academy of Wavre, the chamber orchestra of the Néthen and the OSEL (Symphony Orchestra of the Students of Louvain), in which I have already played for a year.

Emerence Naome