The supports of the RMIW


To achieve this educational and cultural program, the RMIW have the financial and logistic support of institutional sponsors:

  •     The city of Wavre
  •     The Province of Walloon Brabant
  •     The Academy of Music, Dance and Arts of Speech of Wavre
  •     The Provincial Institute of Secondary Education (IPES - institut Provincial d'Education Secondaire)
  •     VisitWavre, tourism promotor of the City of Wavre


as well of private sponsors : 

  •     Musiq3
  •     Sotroplant
  •    EEcocur
  •    Anonymous private sponsor


And last but not least, let not forget those that make it all possible:  Our famous Host Families of Wavre

Since our foundation, those families are there, every year,  to accommodate and embrace with all their friendship, our young students.