By car

Approximative duration: 23’ (23 km) via RO and E411


Public transportation

Train (SNCB) 
Itinerary: from Zaventem airport railway station to Wavre (transfer possible in Louvain or Ottignies) 15 €- 20 € - 50 to 75min, according to the transfer site, 22 km,
The service operates between 5h30 and 22h55

To check the train schedule, go to and plan your trip.
To buy your ticket, type "Brussels-Airport-Zaventem" as departure (or destination) station on the Buy page. Complete your order in a few clics.


Shuttles and taxis

A shuttle is a medium located between a true taxi and a limo

  • Collective Taxi :

  • Shuttle: Transfert between the airport of Zaventem and the railway station of Wavre.
    We recommend that you register first as member of the DriveMeSafely before starting your booking. 
    The registration can be done via the 'Member space" ( and is comp^letely free of charge.
    Paiement of the journey is done or in cash, directly to the driver, at the end of the trip, or in advance, by bank transfer.
    Informations :      •  email  ""                •  Mobile phone : +32 492 92 09 79
    Book your trip :

           PRICE : from the airport BRUSSELS-ZAVENTEM to 1300 WAVRE:
                         55€ for 1, 2, 3, 4 passengers
                         60€ for 5, 6 passengers
                         On demand for 7, 8 passengers