Enrollments must be received by March 1th, 2020 the latest.

Those can be completed either by

1) filling the online form, or

2) by mailing the printed form to the following post address:

Rencontres Musicales Internationales de Wallonie ASBL
Venelle aux cyprès, 21
B-1300 Wavre
3) by faxing the form: +32 10 22 67 96

Admission and payment

The price of Master Classes is set at € 575, –
A deposit of € 175, – is payable upon application for admission, and the remaining balance will be paid either in cash at the welcome reception or by bank deposit at least 8 days before the welcome reception.

In case of cancellation, the deposit is not refundable.

The price of the Master Classes cover only

  • the teaching
  • access to the rehearsal rooms
  • accommodation during the week of Master Classes, breakfast and evening dinner
  • driving between the host family's house and the classrooms

The price does NOT cover 

  • journey between your country and Belgium
  • transfers between the airport(s) or railway stations and the city of Wavre
  • lunches
  • personal expenses

Accommodation in host families

Accommodation in host families will be organized free of charge, if requested in the enrolment form.
In the event late registration, free accomodation can not be guaranteed.

Important warning: free accommodation ONLY during the Classes

Early arrivals and late departures are generating important organisation problems, and our hosting families are not just hotels at your disposal. The RMIW really wish to protect her families against potential excesses.

Students wishing to arrive early or depart later shall do so at their own expenses and without any intervention of the RMIW.

Special needs

If you suffer from allergies or any serious medical condition like diabetes, if you need special diet for example, please do inform us in advance via the enrollment form.
This is very important to select a hosting family able to fulfill your needs.

If you feel the enrollment form  is not appropriate to inform and enquire, don't hesitate to contact the RMIW via direct mail at .

Warning: transfers between airports and Wavre

The rule is that driving you between national airports or railway stations and Wavre is not included in the Master Class fee. You will find on our website a description of the different ways to arrive in the city of Wavre.

If you expérience difficulties to plan you trip, you must communicate with the RMIW team largely in advance and send us per mail a copy of your flight ticket.