Recent cultural activities

·    17.06.2023 - Wavre - Saint-Jean Baptiste Church. L’Orchestre Symphonique Royal du Val de Sambre (65 musicians), classified in category excellence by the Fédération Musicale du Hainaut is considered one of the best amateur orchestras in Belgium. The musical program under the direction of Bart Bouckaert was particularly rich : Le coq d’or of Rimsky-Korsakov, Suite n° 1 of Igor Stravinsky et 5th Symphony (Le Destin) of Beethoven. Placed as part of the music festival, the profits of the evening were intended for 2 Wavrian associations : Le Resto du Cœur and Wavre Solidarité.

 ·   02.12.2022 - Wavre - La Sucrerie. Christmas concert. It was a geat joy to hostthe talented musicians of the « Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie », and particularly the soloïst Anne Pingen (alto), under the direction of Jean-François Chamberlan.  After these late uncertain times, the program aimed to be light, invigorating and accessible, composed of a palette of wonderful artistic moments. This musical journey ended with Tchaikovsky's sublime "Souvenir of Florence".

 ·   01.01.2021 - Wavre - La Sucrerie. Concert Wald Ensemble & Holly Choe. When a Korean chamber orchestra with soloists from the best European orchestras meet the flamboyant Holly Hyun Choe, a young American-Korean conductor that recently won the Maestra competition of Paris, the mastery, energy and joy of giving us a colorful concert will be there. The Wald Ensemble is a chamber composed of young Koreans actively performing in Europe as soloists, chamber musicians and orchestral musicians. This is the first time he performes outside of Korea ; his presence celebrates the 120th Anniversary of Korea-Belgium Diplomatic Relations.

·    21.12.19 - Wavre - La Sucrerie. Christmas concert. The famous boys choir Les Pastoureaux, composed of young man aged from 7 to 14 year with heavenly soprano and alto voices, has given a magnificent Christmas concert in the brand new concert hall La Sucrerie. Also on stage, the great soloists Marc Grauwels (flute), Sophie Halynckx (cello) and the Chamber Orchestra "I Virtuosi di Waterloo".

·    19.05.19 - Wavre - City Hall. The Chamber Orchestra "I Virtuosi di Waterloo", has given an brillia nt concert starring Marc Grauwels, flute, Jean-Frédéric Molard, violin and Min Kyung Chun, flute. Miss Chun is one of the jong talents coached by M. Grauwels during the Master Classes 2019.

·    17.02.19 - Wavre - City Hall. The Trio Astor KLEZMER, conducted by Marc Grauwels, a very loyal flute teacher of our Master Classes, but also the Joëlle STRAUSS (elegant violin player and singer) and Christophe DELPORTE (the most talented accordion player) performed an amazing concert dedicated to the music of central Europe.
The event was organized by the non-profit organisation Tagast ( active in helping pastoralists in Nige
r and looking for funds to support a school
in Ib’Dnaza, Niger, caring for 110 children.

·    04.12.18 - Louvain-La-Neuve - The symphonic Orchestra OSEL, under direction of  Philippe Gérard, has given an extra-ordinary concert in the Aula Magna chamber. During the 2018 Master Classes of the RMIW, several members of the OSEL have auditioned pupils. They selected the young pianist Robert Creimerman, 17 ans, from the class of the soloist Christian Beldi, to perform the 1st concerto for piano by Beethoven. 

·    04.10.18 – Wavre-Basilic Notre-Dame de Basse Wavre - Concert Samuel Hasselhorn, 1st finalist of the Queen Elisabeth contest 2018.
In partnership with the Festivals of Wallonia, the City of Wavre and the Syndicat d'initiative of Wavre.
Samuel Hasselhorn, baryton and joseph Middleton, piano

·        05.10.17 - Wavre, Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste : Concert Victor Julien-Laferrière, 1st finalist of the Queen Elisabeth contest 2017.
In partnership with Les Festivals de Wallonie, the City of Wavre and the Syndicat d'initiative de Wavre.
Victor Julie-Laferrière, cello and Guillaume Bellom, piano

·        17.02.17 – Wavre: Trio Astor Klemzer - Marc Grauwels, flute - Joëlle Strauss, singing & violin - Christophe Delporte, accordeon. Support to the non profit organisation TAGAST. 

·        30.09.16 – Wavre, Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste : ‘The Oriental origins of organ. In the context of the Festival musical du Brabant wallon’. - Arnaud Van de Cauter, organ. - Keyvan Chamirani, percussions. - Adrien Mabire, cornet and flute. 

·        15.10.15 – Wavre, Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste: in the context of the Festival musical du Brabant wallon – Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, with director Frank Braley, piano.
Solist : Maxime Van Heghe, trumpet. 

·        14.06.15 – Wavre, City Hall : Cycle  Spring of Freedom – Marc Grauwels, flute and Yves Storms, guitare, with the 'Récitants de l’Académie de musique de Wavre'. 

·        12.10.14 –Wavre, Columban Space - * In the context of the Festival musical du Brabant wallon – Cycle ‘At the crossing of balcanic traditions and tango’ – Trio Astor Klemzer – Marc Grauwels, flûte - Joëlle Strauss, singing & violin - Christophe Delporte, accordeon.

·        11.05.14 - Wavre, Church Saint-Jean-Baptiste : Concert Jean-Claude Van den Eynde, piano - Véronique Bogaerts, violin - Sarah Dupriez, cello. With the participation of Yannick van de Velde, piano (semi-finalist of the Queen Elisabeth Competition)