Spring of Freedoms.

Once again in 2019, the City of Wavre has celebrated Culture and Freedom with the 2019 edition of the "Printemps des Libertés".

The festivities will took place from April 12 to May 20, 2019.

Freedom and culture are precious. That's why the City of Wavre puts them in the spotlight during the Spring of Freedoms. For a season, we discovered our municipality in its true face: that of artistic creation, cultural exchanges, citizen reflections, tolerance and sharing.

The Culture and Festivities Department of the City of Wavre invited us to enjoy the richness and diversity of activities offered by over thirty local actors: concerts, exhibitions, shows, conferences, film debates, workshops, philosophical exchanges 

You will find the complete program of activities on the official website of the city of Wavre: www.wavre.be.


The RMIW adhered to the Spring of Freedoms.

Freedom and culture are precious. That's why, in 2019 also, the RMIW asked nothing better than to contribute to the Spring of Freedoms.
Promoting artistic creation, multicultural exchanges, tolerance and sharing is truly the DNA of our 'Rencontres'.

We are convinced that the gathering, under the flag of music, of so many young talents joins the spirit of the Spring of Liberty, which is a wonderful civic and human adventure, mixing various social, political or philosophical horizons!

We are particularly proud of all these Wavrian families who once again concretized this spirit of exchange and benevolent curiosity by welcoming our students for a whole week, offering them lodging and food of course, but above all by offering them warmth and friendship. The warm atmosphere and the extreme friendliness that emerges from this personalized family welcome are absolutely remarkable.

The RMIW always invites any music lover to share our Midi-Concerts and closing concert.

  • Midi-Concerts : small public and free concerts of students, at the Academy of Music, rue des Déportés.
  • Gala Concert  : closing concert performed at the Hôtel de Ville