2020, the year of the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 pandemic

Since their creation, the RMIW have been held every year, offering every time to our young talents, Master Classes  of growing fame.
It took the unimaginable to force us to give up. With the coronavirus, several governments have banned international travel, and students have not been allowed to come. Yet many young people were already enrolled.

Our host families had already confirmed their wish to welcome the musicians, as every year.

We were forced to cancel the Master Classes because the Belgian state banned all gatherings, closed schools and cultural centers. The Music Academy of Wavre waited until the last moment to close, because the entire RMIW team was hoping for a quick resolution of the pandemic. But then the miracle didn’t happen.

We had to announce the cancellation and reimburse the students already enrolled.

But no one, neither the RMIW, nor the teachers, nor the Music Academy, nor the City of Wavre with its "syndicat d'initiative", nor the host families will get discouraged. All our usual stakeholders expect you in the upcoming year 2021 for magnificent Master Classes..

In 2021, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary and the 3rd season of the "Spring of Freedoms".

Looking forward to meet you again in Wavre,


The RMIW team