“Rencontres Musicales Internationales en Wallonie” will be organizing Master Classes in the premises of the Music Academy of Wavre, in 2020, with the participation of world renowned teachers and soloists.

Classes will be taught by the following teachers :

Christian Beldi                       - PIANO
Jean-Claude Vanden Eynde   - PIANO
Véronique Bogaerts               - VIOLIN
Tomas Tomaszewski             - VIOLIN
Sarah Dupriez                       - CELLO
Claudia Rüggeberg               - SONG
Yves Storms                          - GUITARE
Marc Grauwels                      - FLUTE


The package for a week of internship amounts to € 575,00.

Contacts RMIW:

E-mail : 
Site : www.rmiw.be

President: Mr P. Boucher 
Paper mail : Venelle aux Cyprès, 21
                  B-1300 Wavre

Fax: +32 10 22 67 96 

Vice-President :  Mrs Ch. Licoppe
Internship administration & Secretarial services
Phone: +32 477 732 917

Music Academy :  Mr J.M. Deceuninck (CEO) & Mr M. Vanstals, co-administrator RMIW
Phone: +32 472 26 75 30

Online registration :

See our  registration page on this site: enrollment-form-2020

Registration and pre-payment (175 €) are mandatory.

If you wish to be hosted in a local family, you need to request via the enrollment form.

The sharing of some personal information is required to handle your dossier.
Our organisation respects data protection laws: your shared personal information will only be used to allow the organization of our Master classes 2020. No commercial use is guaranteed.

Welcoming and mandatory registration:

Saturday 4th of April, between 1PM and 5 PM in the City Hall “Hôtel de Ville de Wavre”, Celebration Hall 
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville 1,  B-1300 Wavre, Belgium


Classes will start on Sunday April 5 until Saturday April 11 2020

For more details, check our Calendar of activities

Closing Concert:

In "Hôtel de Ville de Wavre"
April 11, 2020 at 7:00 PM.